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*** Common and scientific names are as suggested by who submitted the pictures ***

Wild Sheep

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis canadensis)

Photos by Marco Festa-Bianchet

Young adult female Skull of an exceptionally well-developed 4-year-old male from southwestern Alberta, that died of pneumonia.
Adult rams 2-year-old ram



Blandford's urial (Ovis vignei blandfordi) from Pakistan

Photo supplied by Amjad Virk Photo supplied by Nausherwan Ahmed


Punjab urial (Ovis vignei punjabiensis) in the Salt Range, Punjab, Pakistan, October - November, 2000. Photos by Ghulam Ali Awan

And here is what we definitely DO NOT want to see: a hybrid between a domestic sheep and a Punjab urial.  Photo supplied by Ghulam Ali Awan

A male Kyzylkum sheep, or Severtzov's argali (Ovis ammon severtzovi) in summer coat, from the Nuratau Range in Uzbekistan.

Photo by Elena Kreuzberg-Mukhina

Tian Shan Argali (Ovis ammon karelini).

Photo by Feng Gang, supplied by Rich Harris.

Adult males in Hejing County, Xinjiang Province, China.


Tibetan argali (Ovis ammon hodgsoni) in the proposed Gya-Miru Wildlife Sanctuary, India

Photo by Tsewan Namgail

Argali (Ovis ammon) ewes. Photos by Feng Gang, supplied by Rich Harris..

Approx. 88Ð E, 47.5Ð N, Jungar Plateau. Perhaps O. a. ammon, perhaps O. a. collium


Mongolian argali (Ovis ammon) in Dornogobi Aimag, Mongolia.

Photos by Richard Reading and Henry Mix:  adult ewe, adult rams and young ram running

Dall sheep

(Ovis dalli dalli)

Photo supplied by David Shackleton


Chinese blue sheep or bharal (Pseudois nayaur szechuanensis). Dulan International Hunting Grounds,

Qinghai Province, P.R. China, 1995

Photo by Mike Frisina


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