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The IUCN CSG includes experts on the ecology, behavior, taxonomy, conservation and management of wild Caprinae (wild sheep, goats, rupicaprinae, muskox and allies) from around the world. Our goals are:

- Promote the conservation of Caprinae and their habitat

- Promote research on all aspects of Caprinae biology, including the conservation of mountain ecosystems

- Provide advice on the biology and conservation of Caprinae to governments, NGOs and researchers


Argali rams and domestic sheep, Inner Mongolia.
Photo by Liling Zhang

Competition with domestic livestock and poaching are major threats to conservation of mountain ungulates in Asia.  Disease transmission from domestic sheep and goats  is a worldwide threat to wild mountain ungulates.


The IUCN Caprinae Specialist Group is chaired by Sandro Lovari, Italy, and Juan Herrero, Spain. The CSG has an executive committee, a working group on Taxonomy and one on Wildlife Diseases.

Statement on special auction permits to hunt Caprinae (1996)

Statement on trophy hunting of Caprinae (2000)

Statement on introduced (exotic) wild Caprinae (2003)

Pictures of the world's Caprinae: Sheep, goats, rupicaprinae, ovibovinae etc.


Munnar (Kerala), India, September 12-15, 2006

The 5th World Congress on Mountain Ungulates was held in Granada, Spain, on November 10-14, 2009.

Workshop on Caprinae taxonomy, Ankara, Turkey, May 2000

A summary of the discussion is here , including details about the Taxonomy Working Group.

speakers and topics

Caprinae News, our newsletter, is published about at least once each year, depending on material available. Submissions for consideration in the newsletter are welcome from any biologist or conservationist working on Caprinae. Please send submissions to the Editor, Dr. David Shackleton, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6T 1Z4

FAX: +1-604-822-4400

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